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Keep Your Resources Grounded and Flexible

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Three green coin purses at a construction site look at a wooden box with surprise.

Oh, heyyy....

It's been a bit quiet...

That's because WSC is under construction! Soon you'll see a new look to this website and our offerings. We've been working hard behind the scenes to make a few changes that will enhance your experience.

Don't worry - we're still focused on financial literacy, access, and inclusion! We're just refining and tweaking how we bring that to you, while also upgrading our services. It's an exciting journey, so stay tuned for the big reveal!

Coming in May 2024!

Upcoming Events

FinLitFridays - every Friday.png

FinLit Fridays - Live on IG!

Returning in April 2024!

Join us every Friday at 2pm ET on Instagram as we look at how the headlines impact your bottom line! Each week, we discuss a variety of current events, looking at history to see how we got here and where we may be going.

We also pull our Resource Card of the Week for guidance on how to work through our Money Stories, heal Money Wounds, and change our Money Mindset


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What is WillowSpoon Creative?

WillowSpoon Creative offers tools, skills, and support to empower YOU to better manage your resources - Time, Energy, Money, Body, Mind, and Soul.  Set stronger boundaries and build your financial literacy to have the competence - and confidence - to take control of your future.

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