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Keep Your Resources Grounded and Flexible

WillowSpoon Creative, LLC logo in branch font with a spoon as the "p" in "Spoon" and a leaf at the bottom
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CSCC graphic with credit gauge, multiple credit score numbers in a pile, and animated coin purses reacting to the chaos; Text: Credit Scores Crash Course by WIllowSpoon Creative, LLC

Now open!

The Credit Scores Crash Course™


March 22, 2023


Green background with a a variety of figures representing economic anxiety and frustration, including a map of the United States, a woman struggling to balance a crying baby while making breakfast as though bubbles swirl around her head and emails ping from her computer, two animated coin purses looking worried with a pile of bills and an empty wallet, and a horned green monster holding fistfuls of cash. Text: The Ugly Money Series, It’s so ugly, we had to add a warning label.

The Ugly Money Webinar Series™

Registration is now open!

Starts: February 22, 2023

The Ugly Money Series is a 4-part series that focuses on causes of economic anxiety and frustration, such as debt, inflation, the invisible workload, and attacks on civil rights. We break down these big topics to show how they impact your life!



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What is WillowSpoon Creative?

WillowSpoon Creative offers tools, skills, and support to empower YOU to better manage your resources - Time, Energy, Money, Body, Mind, and Soul.  Set stronger boundaries and build your financial literacy to have the competence - and confidence - to take control of your future.

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