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Upcoming Events & Classes

August is Child Support Awareness Month!

Child support is also a topic near and dear to our Founder’s heart, as her parents divorced when she was very young. Unfortunately, the non-custodial parent didn't abide by the court's decision and failed to uphold his financial obligations as a parent. The statistics around child support - as well as the push against it - may come as a surprise to anyone who hasn’t had to navigate that process. This is a great opportunity to learn more - registration is now open!

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Credit Scores! The Magic Number for Financial Access

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

6pm ET

Credit scores may seem like a bunch of hocus pocus, but they're really the magic number that determines your financial access! How does that work, though? It takes more than some fairy dust to build your credit and improve your financial management skills. We've got the magic spell!

Online - Free/Pay What You Can

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August 29-31, 2023

Summer is here, and all the cool kids are upping their money skills with WSC at Camp C.R.E.D.I.T.! This pared down version of our Credit Scores Crash Course™ is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their credit, but may not be able to commit right now to a longer course. Registration is now open!


An alarmed coin purse looks on as a sad coin purse is buried under a pile of credit scores. A happy coin purse stands triumphantly atop the pile raising an “850” above their head. Text: Credit Scores Crash Course by WillowSpoon Creative.

Credit Scores Crash Course™

New session this Fall!

The Credit Scores Crash Course™ is a comprehensive 6-week course designed to give you the skills, tools, and confidence to take control of your credit scores. Yes, that's "scores" plural - you have more than one! Learn more about this course here and join our waitlist now to invest in yourself.


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