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WillowSpoon Creative Services

The WSC Philosophy

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Using history to unlock the mystery of how you manage your resources.

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We all have a past and that past molded how we view and interact with the world today.  Sociopolitical history and factors such as financial access and security began to shape our lives before we were even born!  How much of your mindset and patterns of behavior was inherited from family, taught in school, or molded through work?

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The lived experiences of not only ourselves, but of the generations who came before us, play a far more important role in the daily choices we make than we realize.  The stories we tell ourselves today about money, responsibility, capability, and how we prioritize our time and energy, are all influenced by what we learned growing up.

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If you had a family of origin that practiced strong boundaries, mutual respect, and had a high level of financial literacy, great!  Many people did not.  Now, as adults, they are navigating the world while still using this outdated and unhelpful mindset.  That needs to change.

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We need to look at ALL of these to become our own Willow - sturdy, flexible, and able to withstand the whatever life sends our way.  Are you ready to tap into your own inner Willow tree?  Let's talk.

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Work With WSC

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Do you need one-to-one focus and support?  Then coaching may be the right choice for you.  We specialize in business coaching and financial empowerment.  Unlock your inner CEO and manage those resources like the boss you are!

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Education is the key to empowerment, From financial literacy to managing your Emotional Bank Account, we give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage your resources. 


New classes start soon!

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Running a business is hard.  Sometimes you need support from a "been there, done that" veteran who can help move your vision ahead.  Let us use our years of experience to assist with content creation, strategy, and other needs!

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