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The Ugly Money Series™

The Ugly Money Series is a 4-part series that focuses on causes of economic anxiety and frustration, such as debt, inflation, the invisible workload, and attacks on civil rights. We break down these big topics to show how they impact your life!


A Brief History of Financial (in)Access in America™

Learn how generations that came before fought for - and won - the rights we hold so dear, and how those rights impact our financial access today. Remember that history doesn't just live in the past - many of the same restrictions being forwarded through legislation today!

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The Great Debt-pression™

Credit, Inflation, and Economic Frustration

We take a closer look at how the macroeconomics all around us impact the microeconomics of our personal budget. History offers us some lessons on how we got here and what you can do to keep a bit calmer in these rough economic seas.


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She Works Hard for the Money™

Women, Finances, and Freedom

Women are expected to do too much with too little. Enough! We look at the history of women’s rights and financial access, and how the invisible workload keeps too many women from achieving financial freedom.

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Making Friend with Your Money Monster™

Rewriting Money Stories & Healing Financial Wounds

Money. It’s a completely unemotional resource, but it feels highly emotional to deal with! Learn to make friends with your Money monster and heal your Money Wounds.


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